Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tradition Tuesday - Love is in the Air - February Traditions

Picture courtesy of I Live on a Farm

February Tradition Ideas
For those of you who are new, you can find an explanation on Tradition Tuesdays HERE

Heart Attack: Decorate your childrens doors with hearts shaped notes telling them how much you love them.  You can do this for neighbors or widows or anyone else who may enjoy it.

Secret Valentine:  A week before Valentine’s Day arrange for all family members to pick names out of a hat/bowl.  The name that each chooses becomes their “Secret Valentine”.  During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, each person does something nice for their Secret Valentine.  For example, writing little, kind, notes, cleaning their bedroom, secret acts of service, etc. On Valentines Day have a party or special dinner where everyone reveals their Secret Valentine.  This could be done in your family or each family member could think of a friend or neighbor who might enjoy this.

Handmade Valentine Cards:
Before Valentines Day get together as a family and make special Valentine cards for all of the widows in your neighborhood or congregation.  On Valentines day deliver them either in secret or face to face.

Hidden Hearts:
Make as many hearts as you wish for your special someone.  These hearts can be made out of paper or fabric, as fancy or simple as you’d like.  On each heart write all of the reasons you cherish them.  Then choose random spots to hide these handmade hearts.  Your sweetheart will surely be touched when they come across these cherished notes in unlikely places (a briefcase, a cereal box, car, etc.)

Hot Dog (For Ground Hog's Day): This game is Punxsutawney's version of "Hot Potato." Arrange the family in a circle. Give one person a stuffed groundhog, or a picture of a groundhog taped to a stick. As the music plays pass the groundhog around the circle. When the music stops the person holding the groundhog is OUT. Play continues until there is only one Groundhog King or Queen left.

Penny Heads or Tails (for President's Day): Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States) was born on the 12th of February. Play penny heads or tails.  Get in the car with a penny.  If it lands on heads turn right, if it lands on tails turn left.  Do this 16 times and see where you end up.

Cherry Tree Pie (President's Day):  George Washington's Birthday is on the 22nd.  Tell your family the story of George Washington and his families cherry tree.  Talk about his honesty and integrity.  Make a cherry pie for a treat.

As always, we'd all love to hear some of your tradition ideas!