Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Updates

So I just thought I'd share a couple of things.

1. I just started Weight Watchers online on Monday and I can honestly say I am LOVING IT.  I am doing the "Simply Filling" Plan and do not feel like I'm on a diet.  I love that I can count my points online (SO easy and I am learning so much doing this) and don't have to go to a meeting.  It really just works for me.  My goal is to loose my 20 lbs. of baby fat by March.  I'd love to know if any of you are doing this too or any other diets you are doing and what your goals are!

2. I've just discovered my new favorite kid's album (and adult too...).  It's been around for a while I'm sure...but have you heard Ziggy Marley's "Family Time" album?  Seriously so great and so fun to dance to with toddlers (or not).  I use this as my morning workout.  The girls and I dance, dance, DANCE (while Norah watches and laughs at us). On the slower songs, the girls act as my free weights.  I am feeling the BURN with these little Yayhoo's!

3. I have some really exciting announcements for you coming SOON.

OK, ladies that is all for now, over and out. I would love to hear what you are up to...SERIOUSLY!