Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling SHOES!

 My Cousin Thelma (who I wish you could all have a couple of hours to just sit down with and get to know because she is THAT cool) asked me to let all of you "sisters" know about what is going on over in her world. 

For the last month or so she has had the privilege of owning the above pictured shoes.  She won the opportunity from Christie who got them from the original owner Diane.  So she is the third in what is hoped will be a long line of ladies who get to experience the Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes.

Now, don't give me that look! I know most of you are looking out the window and seeing snow and rain and frost and saying out loud to the computer "Where in the HECK am I going to wear a pair of sandals in January?" I say "Buck up little campers!"  It's all about adventure and well....

That didn't stop Thelma!  You can read about her shoe adventures in the wettest State in the Union here!


So would you like to have a chance at being part of the Shoe Sisterhood?  Here's what you need to know:

  1. The shoes are size 9 (a size I wore at age 12 and sadly never looked back...but for all of you with dainty feet...enjoy!)
  2. You will receive the shoes in the mail from Thelma and get to keep them for 30 days.
  3. While you are wearing the shoes, you will want to take pictures and blog about some of your adventures in the shoes.  
  4. At the end of 30 days, you will need to hold a giveaway on your blog (or a friends if you don't have one) and keep the shoes a-travelin'
  5. Of course link to Thelma so that everyone can follow the origins of the shoes as they travel around the globe!
So, if you are ready for your chance, click HERE to leave a comment and good luck (drawing will be held on Thelma's blog on the 22nd of January)!