Saturday, June 14, 2008

The EASIEST EVER Bib: A Tutorial

You could probably just scroll down and follow the pictures and understand how to make this but I will provide commentary just in case. I decided that the girls can never have too many bibs (these girls can DROOL like nobody's business...not to mention the projectile spit up we get to experience a few times a day).

So I decided to save some dough and make my own. I figured that using a thin, cheap towel (from Target) and some of my scrap fabric the total cost is about 25 cents each. I also love the idea of having bibs that are unique. So here is the tutorial:

I just traced one of the girls bibs that I liked (size-wise). Then just cut the it out to make my pattern.

Make sure that your fabrics are washed and ironed...I hate this step because it requires patience which I have very little of...but it is really important for things like this. You don't want your bib to be all weird after it gets washed do you? My new rule after I purchase fabric is to put it right in the washer when I get home...then when I get the urge to create...I don't have to wait!

Next just cut out your pattern from each piece of material...the towel...

and then your scraps.
You should have two shapes that look like this.

Then just put the right sides together and pin.

Now it's time to sew!
Sew almost the whole thing together but make sure to leave about an inch and a half un-stitched so you can turn it right side out.

then...turn it right side out

and it looks great except for that little now just tuck both sides in and pin

and then I just start there and sew about an 1/8 inch all the way around

almost done...
Then just sew your little 1 inch velcro onto both sides and ...

YOU ARE DONE!!! The front

the back (or whatever side you choose).

Laurel likes fact she thinks it good enough to eat!