Friday, June 13, 2008

Custom Onesies

This idea comes from Sarah...she's such a smarty-pants. Anyway, she called and said "Let's make cute onesies for Father's Day!" So Scout and Nigel and Laurel and Maisy will all be sportin' their new Father's Day onesies on the 15th. Here is what I made for the girls:

If you can't tell (it does get bigger if you click on it), the shirts say "Daddyriffic!" and "Daddy? Yes please." and then the little bum says "Happy Father's Day" and the date. I got the cute little slogans for the shirts from the Sloganizer which made an appearance on Natalies blog, 100% Cottam (you might want to bookmark this blog...Natalie always finds the coolest things!)

Anyway, I'm pleased as punch...just printed these little one-liners out on t-shirt transfer paper (you can pick this up wherever printer paper is sold) ironed them on and DONE!