Friday, June 13, 2008

Vintage Style Smock

I still can't believe how fun and EASY this pattern is. It is fully reversible and just so adorable! It was taken from a vintage child's apron pictured here (scroll down).

Then Alicia at MayFly made it into a pattern for us all to enjoy. The size says it is a 2T but I found that it ran a little small.

I would suggest just cutting a practice piece out from the pattern using material you don't care about (I just used some muslin I had lying around) and sizing it that way...that's what I did and it worked very well.

For my girls, I just shortened the ties a little bit and took a little off of the bottom and Wha-la! I also chose to use Velcro at the top instead of tying it just because that's easier with floppy little babies with no necks ( I think I'll do buttons or snaps on the next batch...just because I think that looks better than Velcro).

I am ADDICTED to this pattern and have a feeling it is going to one of the girl's wardrobe staples.