Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Thanksgiving Day Game Ideas...

Norman Rockwell Smithsonian Collection

I found these great game ideas at  I think we will seriously be using a few of these!

1. Name That Turkey Tune
Make your guests sing for their supper with this family-friendly game. Each player takes turns singing their favorite songs by replacing the lyrics with the word 'GOBBLE.' The first player to correctly identify the tune is the new 'gobbler' and the fun continues.

2. Thanksgiving Bingo
If you can't pull your family away from the tube, why not make them work while they watch? Family Fun has a few printable bingo cards for Thanksgiving Day's TV watching, so hand out a few sheets and pencils and go to town. Loser has dish duty!

3. Apple Paring Game
In case you didn't quite get enough dessert, bring in the family for a fun, reward-driven game. Each player gets an apple and a peeler or knife (for adults) and has sixty seconds to peel the longest apple strip they can muster. Winner gets to take a fresh-baked apple pie home for Black Friday!

4. Toilet Paper Thanks
Pass around a roll of toilet paper to the entire room and ask them to tear as many sheets off as they'd like (but don't tell them why they're doing so!). After every player has chosen their desired number of sheets, announce that they have to share one thing they're thankful for... per sheet they ripped from the roll. Those greedy folk won't know what hit them!

What do you do on Thanksgiving Day?