Sunday, January 18, 2009

Laurel and Maisy Turn ONE!

Well it happened. Laurel and Maisy actually turned a year old on the 15th. I had mixed feelings...excitement and a little bit of sadness. I just can't believe how fast it has gone. We had a wonderful little celebration with family and a few friends. I told you I would reveal what this would be so here is what I made for them from this pattern:

Meet Lola and Lily. Lola is the rose limbed lamb and Lily is the lamb with the pink hydrangeas and the blue background. Lily is for Maisy and Lola for Laurel. Maisy was thrilled when we gave her her lamb...Laurel? Well, maybe someday she'll find the time to play with her...right now she is to busy exploring EVERYTHING!

I made these little bibs for the party. I used some scraps and just zig-zagged them on...nothing fancy but they turned out pretty cute.