Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Reveal...well Almost

This "Go Fish" game was so fun to make and a great use for random scraps of fabric. We sent this to Jeff's brother's little guy. The fish have magnets in them and the fishing pole has one on the end. I found the tutorial here.

This was my first try at aprons and more importantly bias tape. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to do. I watched this tutorial from Angry Chicken and it really helped. This is a Mommy and me set of aprons. I bought the pattern at a local quilting shop. I can't find it online...sorry about that. Anyway, it was a pretty easy pattern...I tweaked it a little bit. This is for my Sister-in-law and little niece. The miniature baking set is from IKEA...really fun little design. I got the damask fabric at JoAnn's.

The girls' Christmas dresses. I'll add a picture of them when I get one of them wearing them this Sunday. They turned out a little larger than I anticipated but I just brought the hems up added a tie to the back and they look great (thanks Lori for your help)!

This is Pearl, Gus, Frances (he goes by Frank) and Mortimer. They were at IKEA for about $1.50. I just added some scarves and a rose for sweet little Pearl. Britta's kids liked them...I loved them. So tiny,soft and fun. I wrote a little story about each mouse/rat and included that with them. Oh the magic of Christmas!

I just wanted to post a picture of how I'm sending the roses in my Etsy shop. Little buds ready to give.

I will post the first teaser reveal when I'm done. It's for the girls' first birthday which will be on the 15th of January. All I have to say is that it will be the epitome of cuteness.