Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Pod Swaddler License Agreement Description

The Pod Swaddler is the perfect item to sell in your boutique, craft fair or Etsy shop. So many have asked if they could buy a Pod already made. But in this season of my life I just don't have the time to make them and sell them. This is a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for you!

This is a request for a Pod Swaddler™ Selling License. After agreeing to the list of terms, and after you make this purchase. An agreement will be sent to you via email in pdf form.

Please remember that licensing is not complete until both parties have signed the Pod Swaddler License Agreement.

* Licensee must be original purchaser of While They Sleep's Pod Swaddler™ pattern.
* Licensee agrees to pay a $100 fee for a Pod Swaddler™ selling license. This license is good for up to a year after purchase date. This fee is non-refundable once the agreement has been signed.
* If licensee wishes to partner with another individual in business, the partner must also purchase his/her own pattern and license.
* Licensee agrees to only produce items from home. No commercial production is allowed.
* Licensee agrees not to re-distribute the pattern, or any portion of the pattern, at any time, whether in electronic, written, or verbal form.
* Licensee will identify Pods produced for sale with credit to While They Sleep and label item with the pattern name (e.g. The Pod Swaddler™ designed by Hannah Stevenson of While They Sleep. www.while-they-sleep.blogspot.com).
* Licensee will also identify himself as a “While They Sleep Licensed Pod Swaddler™ artisan.”
* This agreement in no way makes the Licensee an employee of While They Sleep, but an independent contractor.
* If licensee violates any of the above terms, or engages in unethical business practices, While They Sleep reserves the right to revoke this license at any time.
* While They Sleep reserves the right to refuse to sell a license to any person for any reason.

Agreement will be e-mailed to you within 24-48 hours after payment is received. It will be e-mailed to the address you provided to PayPal.

Thanks and I look forward to watching your success!