Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tradition Tuesday - August Traditions

Left-Hander’s Day: 
August 13th is Left-Hander’s day.  Celebrate by making dinner (if you are right handed) using normal equipment, but with your left hand:
•             Stir food in pans
•             Fill & pour kettle
•             Pour from milk/measuring jugs
•             Open tins
•             Peel vegetables/fruit
•             Use microwave controls (often positioned on right of the equipment)
•             Wash up (draining board is often wrong side if you are holding the brush in other                             hand, so you have to pass wet dishes across your body to drain.
•             Using spatulas (angled ones go the wrong way for left hand use)
•             Cutting bread (wonky slices using right handed knife in left hand)
•             Eating & drinking - reverse cutlery and have drink in left hand
•             Cutting - using right-handed scissors in left hand is an excellent example of totally right-biased design that doesn't work well.
If there is a member of the family who is left-handed, celebrate them for all they put up with in this right-hander’s world.  
Water Day: 
Did you know the whole month of August is Water Quality Month?  Celebrate by having a water party complete with water balloon volleyball, slip and slide and water gun wars.  Invite friends and neighbors to join in the celebration!  Make sure to drink a tall glass of water today and appreciate how clean and unpolluted it is.

Summer Adventure:
Tell your children and spouse not to make any plans for a specific day/night/weekend and keep the rest to yourself.  Plan a whole day of places and events that will be fun and special for each member of your family.  Make up small cards telling what the next part of the adventure is and put them in numbered envelopes. Let each member have an envelope to open and share what the next part of your adventure will be.