Monday, June 7, 2010

Tradition Tuesday - June Traditions

Hello to all of you that still check this blog.  Just a reminder that I am now posting at my new blog Lily&Thistle.  I will keep doing the monthly traditions ideas here until the end of the year so here's what I have for June:

Flag Day: 
Point out the American Flag every time you see one with your children.  Explain that the flag stand for our country and that it’s one way to tell the whole world who we are.  It also show’s that we’re connected to each other as Americans.  Because our flag is symbolic of many things, we treat it with respect.  At home, study the flag more closely and display it.  Explain to your children each part of the flag and its meaning.  The 50 stars stand for the 50 states, etc.

Celebration of Summer: 
     Plan a family campout (either in the mountains or even in your own backyard).  Have a family meeting to plan a wonderful summer.  Plan family activities, jobs and fun.

Seven Days of Dad: 
Show Dad how much you love him by celebrating Father’s Day all week long.  As a family decide what you will do each day of the week.  Each child can take a day and rotate or you can all plan something together on each day.  You can give him small notes, meaningful gifts, do his chores etc.  On Father’s Day honor him with a special dinner.  Dad will feel honored and loved after his seven days of attention.

Father’s Day Hand in Hand Photo: 
   Hands symbolize so much.  Each Father’s Day, take a photo of Dad’s hands with each child’s hands resting in his palm.  Over the years these photo’s will be a special record the Dad will cherish forever. 

The ABC Book:  
A perfect way to let Dad know you love him is to create an ABC Book.  This is a perfect activity to do with small children learning their ABC’s.  Make a small book with 26 pages and a cover of cardstock weight paper.  An easy way to do this is to punch three to five holes on the left side of each sheet of paper, stack them together, then lace ribbon through the holes and tie it on top.  Ask your children to think of things they love about Dad that correspond to each letter of the alphabet.  Have children draw a picture on each page showing what they have described.

Dates with Dad (and Mom): 
  Buy a journal/book and offer it to each child wrapped like a gift.  Include a short note on the first page about how much that child means to you and that you would like to spend time together, just the two of you.  Plan an activity once a month you both enjoy and make a date (on the calendar).  The journal is used to record those “Dates” with photos, memorabilia (a ticket stub, napkin, etc.) and a quick description of what took place and how much you enjoyed your time together (older children can keep their own journal or share it with parents i.e. child writes a little note and then the parent writes thoughts, memories as well and gives it back to the child for the next date).