Monday, May 3, 2010

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - The Long and Short of It

This is a long post so for those of you who don't want to read all of my babbling and just want to know what is up, scroll to the bottom and click on the links...for the rest of you, here's the long of it:

Announcement Part 1:
I have decided to say good-bye to While They Sleep and change my focus a bit.  For a few reasons.  One is that there are a gazillion other craft/sewing blogs out there that are doing a fine job of sharing what they know.  Also, lately, the girls haven't been sleeping as much.  

The biggest reason though is that I have(for a while now) wanted to have a blog/forum that focuses primarily on the work and joy of raising girls specifically.  I want it to be a place that mom's and older daughters can go to feel uplifted and inspired and also a place to record my thoughts and things I find while I live and study on this topic. I have also (and continue to) invited some of the mothers/daughters I admire to do some guest posts on the subject.  I have named the blog: "Lily&Thistle - Girlhood Illustrated".  I'd love to have you stop by.
If you want to know what's behind the name, you can go HERE.

Announcement Part 2:
I also want it to be a place that I can show off some of the artwork I've been doing lately.   Jeff has introduced me to the world of digital illustration by teaching me all about GIMP(a lot like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but free) and helping me find the most amazing tool to do my art with, the Intous pen and pad.  I love this creative tool because there is  no mess to clean up and I have complete freedom to try and do new things.  When the girls wake up, all I have to do is close whatever it is I'm working on and then I can pick up where I left off when it's less crazy and everything is there waiting for me.

Most Exciting Part of the Announcement:
For the last four months, I have been working on a line of custom paper dolls!  They are completely customizable with eight different hairstyles, four skin tone choices, six hair color, and eye color choices.  I wanted to make a doll that was cute and sweet and had a vintage feel to it but also current.  I also wanted girls and mothers to have a toy option that is modest and celebrates the sweetness of being a little girl. I am finished with a Spring line of outfits and a Fairy Tale line.  I'm almost done with a "Girls in Literature" line and looking forward to many many others. My new Etsy shop is called:

You can download a Free MiniMe Doll to print by clicking HERE.

I hope you will all feel welcomed to come over to my new blogging home.  I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you through the Wonderful World Wide Web and hope to continue to hear from you.

I will be keeping While They Sleep up as a resource and will continue to post Traditions each month until November but will be posting primarily now on Lily&Thistle.  Thanks again for all of your support and kindness.