Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sorry I didn't post Today....

I was busy coughing up a lung.

Seriously, I have some great sick day traditions but don't have the energy. I finally went to Urgent Care last night after five days of freezing/hot sweats with temps ranging from 100 - 103 degrees and a cough that NyQuil couldn't touch.

The Dr. was kind enough to tell me I either have a sinus infection or the beginning stages of phenomena. Awesome. He gave me some great stuff though and I'm doing a lot better today. He also sent me home with a mask to wear around the girls...but unfortunately I think it is too late.
Jeff has been a trooper and took two sick days to help out but that didn't stop them from wanting to snuggle.
I don't have to tell you that babes don't understand that they need to stay away from sick Mama.
Maisy has had a tough day....hopefully tonight will be better for her.

Anyway, the best thing about being sick is realizing how great it is when you start feeling better. Wish us all luck over here! I think we'll be needing it. :)