Monday, November 23, 2009

Tradition Tuesday and Meet My Cousin's Newest Creation

Doesn't he just make you want to snuggle?  This little guy is my cousin Jessica's newest creation and is available in her shop.  Every little stitch on his incredibly soft, mohair little body is hand-stitched.  There is only one in her shop so if you want him, you'd better go and get him soon!

Speaking of Warm and Snuggly, let's talk about traditions!

I'm devouring reading a wonderful book right now called

It is written by the author of Simple Abundance - Sarah Ban Breathnach and is nothing less than a treasure.
If you are interested in reviving old traditions or starting new ones in your family and you enjoy beautiful Victorian art (which can be found on every page) I can guarantee that this book will be a treasure for you too.

I wanted to share a little excerpt with you.  Sarah writes as if she were a
Victorian woman named Mrs. Sharp:

     "May Mrs. Sharp share with you some of the principles of her old-fashioned petticoat philosophy of parenting, which for many years have guided and been a source of comfort to her?

     First of all, obligations already existing in your family life can become perfect opportunities for family tradition making and togetherness.
      Special family times must be scheduled into modern lives; they do not occur spontaneously.
      Strong, emotionally healthy, and loving families spend time together - working and playing.

     Third, never forget the three P's of perfect family life: setting priorities, planning, and prayer.  These three elements are essential for parental peace of mind.

     Fourth, by incorporating routine, rhythm, and ritual into your life, many happy moments and memories will flower.

Wise words! Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday.  Remember that the Etsy sale is still going on but not for long! Go and get your deals while you still can!