Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Just in case you couldn't figure it out...The girls were the famous Three Blind Mice and Jeff and I were The Farmer and The Farmers Wife (sans carving knife).

We were again in charge of our ward's/congregation's Halloween party this year...all went well.  We are still thanking our lucky stars that no one was seriously injured during the pinata part of the party (imagine blindfolded child swinging steel bat literally two inches away from a crowd of small children...).

The girls wore their sunglasses and ears for mere seconds but I'm so glad we captured at least one of those seconds at Jeff's parent's house (Hooray for Shirley!).  I told Jeff on the way home from Jerry and Shirley's that I felt like Halloween had been a success now that we had at least ONE picture where all three girls had on both their ears and their glasses.  Don't worry, I know I'm pretty neurotic sometimes.

You can probably look at the girls costumes and figure out how I did them.  All I have to say is "I LOVE FELT" so fun and easy to work with.  I put a layer of sparkly tulle over the pink on the belly and ears just to give them something extra and then of course a cute bow on their tails.  They were the Dollywood version of blind mice I guess.

Anyway it was another fun year. Hope you all had a fun, safe and Happy Halloween!